Last year I participated in a public art project in my home town of Arlington Ma. the project was funded by  Arlington Public Art.

This project pushed me out of the comfort of my air-conditioned studio into the summer heat – working in public also means taking questions from curious passersby.

The first problem I had to overcome was how to scale my design up from A4 to transformer proportions – my box was 56″ x 44″ in its largest dimensions (front and back) – the sides being less – and though only visible from the abutting tree – the top was also part of the project.

The classic way to size up is to draw a grid on your original then – create a grid the size of your final piece with similar proportions and copy it over – I’ve done this many times and it’s very tedious.

I used an online re-sizer  –  to quickly resize my designs  – once satisfied with the results – I could print them out and take them to my studio for the next step.

Here’s the box before I started

Transformer Box
Raw Canvas



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